About CelsTest


Reusable indicator CelsTest is a registered medical device, fully conforms to MI and each minute records environment’s temperature accurate within 0,5℃.  


Our indicator has LCD and 2 LED – such visualization allows to confirm temperature regime easy and fast.

CelsTest provides up to 2 years of constant measurements and can be restarted up to 52 times — such a long operating period of the device allows to use it with comfort at any stage of the “cold chain”. The device keeps records of maximum, minimum and average temperature per day in its local storage – you can see this data on display without any extra equipment or special interface. Indicator keeps all monitored data available for review at any time, even after terminating operation mode.

CelsTest has 6 controlled threshold values of alert and despite many alike devices it shows each compromised threshold when over-ranged.

Warranty period of sustain monitoring is 2 years. We set a high value on quality and guarantee long-term use of our product.

We know peculiarities of pharmaceutical and medical markets so that our product allows to solve business issues of any difficulties!  

One of the fundamental distinctive feature of CelsTest among many loggers is temperature thresholds and relevant accumulation periods specified for pharmaceutical products. It is set by industry standards, that a vaccine or a thermolabile product can stay at each of 6 thresholds (temperature ranges outside of normal limit of +2-+8 °C) for certain period of time without any harm to their formula. In most loggers, when they operate correctly, alarm is immediately activated when temperature is out of normal range  it means that further use of the products is prohibited, batch shall be utilized. However, in reality the product keeps all its chemical properties and quality and can be used safely.

Therefore, when you use indicator with temperature thresholds and relevant accumulation periods preset by default according to standards and recommended practices, you mitigate gratuitous expenses and risks.